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If you're already training volunteers we want to make it easier and if you aren't...you need to!
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Here's What Our Clients Are Saying
Before implementing ChurchLEARN with our missions teams, we weren’t getting the camaraderie with our teams we knew we needed. Some of our people were traveling from other cities and the first time they’d meet would be on the mission field.  

Now with ChurchLEARN our teams are able to walk through a curriculum together online complete with great dialogue in order to prepare their hearts and minds before hand.

Pastor of Community Engagement at BUMC
Laura Byrch
We used to host a new members course like once a quarter. We’d have a good turn out but there were always reasons someone couldn’t be there. People are just busy these days and it’s hard to get them to commit to an in person training.  

Now with ChurchLEARN we host our new member training online. Our people can learn about our church at their own pace and although we still have a meeting once a quarter, the conversation has been much more valuable because they come with a base of information already.  
Executive Director at HCCC
Perry Conklin
Build Your Volunteer Machine In Just 3 Simple Steps
ChurchLEARN is a software platform that aids in recruitment of volunteers by offering a systematic plan for training. Volunteering in your church becomes more appealing and approachable when there is a training plan in place. Leaders in a church can onboard more volunteers and get them serving faster and more effectively.
The effectiveness of any volunteer force is found in how well they are trained and how consistent they are. ChurchLEARN creates an opportunity for every team member to receive the exact same training, using your curriculum. You control what team members see and hear, therefore dictating both the quality and consistency of the learning experience.
Once a team is put together and its members engaged – keep the conversation going with continuing education. Our plans give you an opportunity to continually train new volunteers as well as develop seasoned team members over time. No more “one and done” meetings. Don’t just grow the size of your team, but also grow the depth of your team.
Here Are Some Ways We Can Help
Make Training More Efficient
Stop letting good people fall through the cracks and make it easier for them to serve. With online training every new volunteer receives convenient access to the exact same training information.  This eliminates inconsistencies found with more traditional methods like in-person trainings.  This also allows for those volunteers that have been around for a while to revisit that training information again and again if needed.  

Save Your Team Time
Stop training volunteers in-person and get your Saturday's back!  Everyone is getting busier and the last thing someone wants to do is schedule another meeting.  When you move your training online it eliminates a huge barrier to entry and allows for new volunteers to onboard more quickly at their convenience.  
Focus More On Discipleship
When you move training online your in person meetings are able to go much deeper.  Your people will be more prepared to ask meaningful questions and your time together can be spent building community.  Connecting your people through service is a critical part in their path of discipleship and so it's our job as the leadership of the church to make that easy. 
We've got a plan that's right for you!
$99 - $399/Month
  • Unlimited Courses: Create as many courses as you'd like!
  • Multi-Campus Capability: Create consistency across multiple campuses
  • Auto Enroll: Let interested volunteers sign themselves up for training
  •  Statistics: Track the growth of your volunteers over time
  •  Compliance:  Shift liability away from your church with compliance training
  •  Multi Media Platform:  Create courses with almost any file type
  •  Extreme Customer Service:  We're here to help you succeed
So Much More!
Need More Volunteers?
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