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How Online Volunteer Training Can Help Grow Your Church
By Joshua Thurman
“Most Pastors and Church Leaders share a common desire: Growth. Whether it be growing your church numerically, growing current members in their depth of discipleship or growing in influence in your community, everyone wants to expand. And there are entire communities of people who are dedicated to making the church grow.”
How To Recruit More Volunteers For Your Church
By Joshua Thurman
"Volunteers are the lifeblood of any ministry, but as your church continues to grow, it can be tough to get your volunteer team to grow along with it." After pastoring for 12 years, I’ve learned the secret to attracting more volunteers (often more than you thought you needed). 
3 Steps To Creating Training Material That Works
By Joshua Thurman
“One of the challenges that often keeps churches from producing their own training material for their volunteers is that they don’t believe they can.”  
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